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If you’ve been looking for the best roof repair, replacement, or installation contractors in the LA region, then you’ve come to the right place. We are a group of highly dedicated and experienced roofing professionals that have helped a large number of residential, commercial, and industrial clients.


Doesn’t matter if it’s just a roof leak, old shingles, or a desire to upgrade your home’s style, we’ve got you covered. With years of residential roofing experience, our pros will finish your project perfectly.


With years of commercial roofing experience under our belt, you can be sure we’ll provide you with fast, high-quality service when working with your commercial building. Keep your investment safe and put on a roof that’ll last.


Our contractors are seasoned industrial roofing experts that work with any kind of industrial building imaginable. We get projects done quickly, professionally, and on-time, every time.

Part of being a homeowner is knowing how to fulfill the maintenance needs of your home – especially if you want to retain and build value on your investment. One of the biggest expenses you’ll eventually have to grapple with is roof repair and replacement. Most people just end up paying someone randomly to fix the issue or replace the entire roof, but this can result in problems immediately or down the road and probably be more expensive. The issue is if you’ve never dealt with a roofing company before you may not know what separates a good roofer from one you should avoid, what is too much to pay, and generally how to avoid headaches and disaster. In today’s post we’ll go over a few of the aspects of a good roofer and good roofing job you should look for so you don’t mess up this big project.

The first thing you should know, regardless of whether you are working on a residential or commercial roof repair or replacement is that cutting corners will only result in problems further down the road. Roof replacement is a long, complicated process, requiring lots of manpower and finding the right roofer shouldn’t hinge only on price, but also quality, workmanship, experience and turnaround time. The average shingled residential roof lasts close to ten years, so trying to save a few bucks on such a big project seems a bit silly.

Researching roofers in your area, you’ll hopefully see the term ‘GAF certified roofer’ being thrown around, so it may be helpful to understand exactly what this means. GAF is a well-known roofing supply company that sells their products only to roofing contractors that meet a certain quality standard. This includes acquiring the proper state and provincial licenses as well as establishing a proven reputation for good workmanship and client satisfaction. Look for the signature red GAF logo and you’ll know you are dealing with a GAF Master Elite Contractor. These roofers have decades of experience dealing with all types of roof replacements, repairs and diagnosing issues so you know you’ll be getting good value for your dollar going through them.

A GAF certified roofer isn’t the end of the road though. A quick online search of the roofers you’ve short-listed should yield reviews from sources such as Google Places, Yelp and even some local blogs. Since online reviews are so popular these days (think of yourself checking TripAdvisor before a specific trip), you can get recent, relevant feedback from customers just like you. This can not only give you a good idea of the type of work they’ve done before, but how well established they’ve been and if there have been any problems with negative feedback in the past.

Finding Residential Roofers That Fit Your Criteria

There are several different types of residential roofs, so whether you need a repair or replacement done, be sure the roofers you are dealing with have experience with the specific type. We’ve listed them below so you can familiarize yourself with the terminology.

Metal roofs: While you might think these are exclusively meant for commercial buildings, certain custom home builders are now making it an option since its lifespan is so long while being lightweight and easier to install.

Tile roofing: These can be heavy and thus require a more comprehensive installation process, but they are preferred for their durability especially when it comes to inclement weather and even pests which should always be a concern.

Asphalt roofing: This type of roofing is one of the most popular types, and it is mainly due to their ease of installation as well as low cost. Over the past decade many different materials have emerged so you can now get shingles in materials such as fiberglass which are lighter and more heat-resistant when compared to traditional organic asphalt shingles.

Depending on your specific climate, existing roof, and overall needs a trusted local roofer should be able to make recommendations for installation or repairs.

Commercial Roofing Options

As a business owner or an owner of commercial property, you’re liable for creating and maintaining a safe environment and that starts with a quality roof. Most commercial roofs last decades, but if you’ve come to a point where you need a new one installed, you have several options to choose from.

Photovoltaic Roofing: With energy conservation being such a big concern lately, this type of commercial roofing leverages many mounted PV cells that can contribute towards substantial energy savings on a monthly and annual basis.

Built-Up Roofing: Often referred too as tar and gravel roofs, they actually use several fabric and synthetic items to complete a membrane that is not only easy to maintain but durable. On top of that goes a layer of gravel, which most people will identify. These are quite popular due to their affordability and durability.

The roofing industry is constantly changing and offering more efficient and cost-effective solutions with the emphasis lately being on environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Do the right research and you can find a good local roofing professional that can assist you in making the right decision on the roof that best fits your needs.